Welcome to WMNAP!

West Michigan is home to many dedicated animal welfare groups working together to advocate for pets in need. Despite their efforts, nearly 10,000 pets are still entering the two largest shelters servicing our community each year. The bleak reality for these animals – There is simply not enough resources to find all of them a home. In 2012, positive outcomes were achieved for only 43% of the animals entering the shelters.

It is easy to dismiss the problem as someone else’s responsibility or place blame on shelters and rescues. The truth is, our Forbes Magazine “Best City to Raise a Family” community is failing our furry family members. As a network of passionate animal lovers, we work tirelessly to address the pet overpopulation problem and save more lives. We cannot do it alone; this community-wide problem requires a community-wide solution.

The West Michigan Network for Animal Protection (WMNAP) believes that we can create a more humane community through a collaborative spirit and comprehensive approach. Will you join us in our work to change the outlook for West Michigan’s homeless pets?

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